Waterfowl Hunting in the Texas Central Flyway

Located in the heart of the Central Flyway, CFO lays directly in the yearly migration path of hundreds of thousands of waterfowl. CFO hunts thousands of acres along the Texas Gulf Coast and is surrounded by many of our National Wildlife Refuges. Some of our blinds are located on property directly bounded by Anahuac Wildlife Refuge, thus laying directly in the daily feeding paths of birds.

Hunting privately managed areas is CFO's advantage over other standard guiding operations. Properly directed food, water, habitat, and hunting practices combine to act as a huge magnet attracting enormous flocks of ducks and geese year after year.

CFO offers unparalleled hunting variety with private access to marsh, rice, field, and timber.

For your personalized experience, CFO provides skilled guides, well-trained dogs, decoys, and ATV transportation. We can also assist you with out-of-state license requests, transportation to and from the airport, full kennel facilities, and any other special needs you may require. You just bring your gun, shells, waders, license, and stamps.

Waterfowl Photos